Custom Software Development Clearwater

We can take over the maintenance of any Website or Computer Package for you. If you like your website and want to keep how it looks and works and just add some items or change them, We are the people that can do it.

We wrote some of the first websites to exist on the internet since 1992. We have built and set up internet servers and websites all over the World.

We have over 30 years experience in writing Custom Software Solutions in many languages for Happy clients including Fortune 100 Companies such as Bank of America, Farmers Insurance, Prudential, El Paso Natural Gas, Lousiana Downs Horse Racetracks and The United States Navy. Many of our programs are so good they are still in use today 30 years later with no errors.

We have experience in writing custom Time Billing Systems for Lawyers, Sanitation Billing, Water Billing with the first handheld devices in 1983, Complete Banking Systems, Charitable foundations Software, Insurance to Value Calculation Engines, Accounting Systems, Pageant Software, Inventory Systems, Sales Order/Invoicing Systems, Customer Resource Management Systems and much, much more.

We have staff and business alliances in many countries to outsource any size project no matter how large or small.

Our Language experience includes PHP, Javascript, HTML, XML, C/C++/C#, VB, assembly, vbscript, COBOL, FORTRAN, and hundreds of other Computer Languages. We also have 30 years of database experience such as MYSQL, Oracle, IBM DB/2, and Sybase, Foxpro and IMS, and PICK. We also wrote one of the first running SQL DBMS ENGINES in COBOL on a UNIVAC 1100 for the US NAVY in 1985 when SQL was still a concept only seen in books as theory.

We can add zing to your site with videos, Flashing banners and nice custom photographs. We have done custom photography since 1980 and computerized Video production, shooting and editing for televised commercials in Hollywood, CA. since 1995. See and media and photos for some of our ecommerce examples. See for our simple business website solutions with vdeo and photos starting at $300.

Diamond business products have hardware, software and office product solutions to save money and give good customer service to make your bottom line bigger. I fyou are searcing for Custom Software Development in Clearwater - look no further.

Information about our canned integrated CRM, Inventory, Sales order, Service order Web Based system:

Software is suited and in use now for Manufacturers', retailers' , and Repair organizations.
Completely integrated
Web based
Can be locked by SSL so your data is super secured.
Multi user - have hundreds of users on at the same time
Low graphics so the data loads fast even on your phone.
All of the employees in your company can be on the same page.
CRM Leads Database for your salesman click one button and your lead is now a customer
Has leads status such as Cold Lead or Hot Lead
Has Appointment status such as
Got Appoinment or Do not Call etc.
Your salesmen can go down a list for making calls and appointments.
Appointments will appear on the main menu when they are today.
Every transaction is logged as to the record key, what was done to the record and which user made the change

Your back shop has complete inventory where you can assign parts to a product to keep track of costs and ordering parts when they are low. Also shows how many of a product or a part is on hand.
As products are entered in the database they are instantly available in the sales/order system
The Sales/order system removes the items from the inventory database as they are sold.
In the sales order part you can override any amount for shipping, taxes, or prices on the screen then hit the recalulate button and your totals are recomputed and shown. No need for a calculator when taking an order its done automatically.
Archival of closed sales orders and work orders So your database is fast and there is less to muddle through. And you can view archived records at any time.
Easy searches - on any report or record selection screen just put in a part of a customers lastname or telephone number and get a list. No need for exact matches.
For repair work orders special rates are in for same day service and appointment dates and times.
Lots of reports.
You can put your distributors in their own partition on our system so you can provide software for people that do business with you.
Export to any other program with easy export.
Try the system for yourself

Just use demo as the id and demo as the password
This will put you into our demonstartion partition for you to try our software. Click on the buttons below:

Free 30 day trial.
Just call 727-259-1276 for info

Here are some screens from our customizable canned package web based phone-enabled multi-user inventory and sales order system