We wrote some of the first websites to exist on the internet since 1992. We have built and set up internet servers and websites all over the World.

We still enjoy doing this today. We can add zing to your site with videos, Flashing banners and nice custom photographs. We have done custom photography since 1980 and computerized Video production, shooting and editing for televised commercials in Hollywood, CA. since 1995. See www.shop.suddenlyslenderinc.com for one of our newer Ecommerce solutions. This is a custom shopping Cart. We did the graphics and design and implementation of this site. We have made their orders increase by 3 times by using our services. See www.fountaincleanersclearwater.com for an example of our simple website solutions. This has video and photos that we shot. See an older site - www.printercartridgescheap.info for an E-commerce solution with an SQL database driving over 2000 products. We also designed and created www.diamondbikinistore.com many years ago.

We can take over the maintenance of any Website or Computer Package for you. If you like your website and want to keep how it looks and works and just add some items or change them, We are the people that can do it. See www.suddenlyslender.com for an example of us enhancing a website while keeping the original style that the customer wanted.

Also see www.suddenlyslender.com/findsalon.php for one of our solutions that uses our custom CRM to drive their "find Salon page". All they do is check a box on any customer to "show on website" and it is on that page. www.bodyhealth.com - Another site we enhanced including the shopping cart and affiliate program for - in .asp - MSSQL Server - We have doubled their web income since they have been using our services.

Diamond business products have hardware, software and office product solutions to save money and give good customer service to make your bottom line bigger.

We have over 30 years experience in writing Custom Software Solutions for Happy clients including Fortune 100 Companies such as Bank of America, Farmers Insurance, Prudential, El Paso Natural Gas, Lousiana Downs Horse Racetracks and The United States Navy. Many of our programs are so good they are still in use today 30 years later with no errors.

We have experience in writing custom Time Billing Systems for Lawyers, Sanitation Billing, Water Billing with the first handheld devices in 1983, Complete Banking Systems, Charitable foundations Software, Insurance to Value Calculation Engines, Accounting Systems, Pageant Software, Inventory Systems, Sales Order/Invoicing Systems, Customer Resource Management Systems and much, much more.

Our Language experience includes PHP, Javascript, HTML, XML, C/C++/C#, VB, assembly, vbscript, COBOL, FORTRAN, and hundreds of other Computer Languages. We also have 30 years of database experience such as MYSQL, Oracle, IBM DB/2, and Sybase, Foxpro and IMS, and PICK. We also wrote one of the first running SQL DBMS ENGINES in COBOL on a UNIVAC 1100 for the US NAVY in 1985 when SQL was still a concept only seen in books as theory.

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What Our Customers Say

I am very happy with my business solutions software and website from Peter Diamond